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Apr 18 09
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Community Coordination Initiative
A Coalition of Indian Muslim NGO’s Promoting Civil Society


The Community Coordination Initiative (CCI) is a federation of Muslim NGOs and typifies a Muslims’ response on the problems nation is facing and stands to coordinate the efforts of Muslim NGOs for community upliftment in various domains of social, educational, scientific, cultural, economic and other endeavours.
That a coordinative effort is essential was first collectively realized on 31st July 2003 conference of NGOs in Mumbai which resolved to establish a platform at national level and make available the experience and vision of the senior NGOs to comparatively younger ones and also share the problems and resources.
It’s registered body is at Delhi (No.S-55262 of 2006 registered on dated 24-03-2006) and has an all India status. The Community Council is the national execution body and State Council takes care of every state. Similarly the District Council and the General Council stand for the district members and all the general body members. Comprising around 3,500 affiliated Muslim NGO’s, which are spread in every state of India, the founding members and some salient features of the CCI are as follows:

Founding Members

Dr. Rahmatullah                 (Mumbai)             National Coordinator
Dr. M. Zaki Kirmani             (Aligarh)              National Co-Coordinator
Mr. Tariq Ikramullah           (Delhi)                 Treasurer
Dr. Rafiq Sarkhawas          (Pune)                 Counseller
Prof. Akheel A. Syed          (Mysore)              Counseller
Mr. Shah Alam Shaikh        (Kolkata)             Counseller
Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan      (Jaipur)                Counseller
Mr. Zaheer A. Siddiqi          (Lucknow)           Counseller
Mr. Tariq Sajjad                  (Ranchi)              Counseller
Prof. Izharul Haq                (Banka, Bihar)     Counseller

Aims and Objects

Some major objects of the CCI are as under:

1) To develop a network and alliance of the NGOs working for various dimension of community development.

2)To organize strategy and mechanism for capacity building of the NGOs, associated with the CCI.

3) To facilitate inter-organization cooperation and coordination at various levels of chosen activities for training, orientation and development of volunteers, workers, etc. involved in welfare and charitable activities.

4) To work out a common minimum programme and introduce it in the agenda of each NGO and develop a strategy to implement it.

5) To seek and extend cooperation to NGOs in negotiating for the implementation of Government schemes relevant for the development of community and nation.


CCI has provision for the following categories of memberships.

The individual who have promoted the formation of CCI shall be deemed as the Founders of the CCI and shall be its members for Life.

Individual Life Members
The members shown as desirous persons will be life member of the CCI in their individual capacity. The National Council has right to nominate a person as life member if the vacancy is caused for life member death, indictment by a court of law etc.

Partners of the CCI are those societies, trusts, endowments, welfare organizations, charity outfits, voluntary organizations, cooperative societies, non-profit companies and other sort of NGOs to whom the CCI admits for a period of three years on the basis of norms and procedures of the CCI. The membership of this category might be extendable for further term or terms. The organizations availing such membership will nominate their one representative to participate in the proceedings at various levels.

Individuals whom the CCI accepts and nominates as its Advisors due to their eminence in various walks of life shall become its Advisors for a term of three years.

The CCI shall request persons of eminence to become its Patrons for a period of three years.

The NGO’s associated with CCI are in the main, of following type:
1. NGO’s working for educational upliftment.
2. NGO’s working for economic upliftment.
3. NGO’s working for social upliftment.
4. NGO’s working for promotion of culture.
5. NGO’s working for health care.
6. Other NGO’s for specialized objective.

One important objective of CCI is to develop a Muslim India Vision and also the vision of the role Muslim should play in building the nation and solving the problems of our country.

The vision, stated below, that emerged as a result of mutual consultation of the partner NGOs, working in different fields is likely to set target to be achieved in different fields in a period of say 25 years. CCI serving as an umbrella organization envisages a plan and a mechanism for a joint and mutually complimentary effort for the specialized NGOs to achieve these targets.

Muslims’ India Vision
Important aspects of the vision that the partner NGOs of CCI have agreed upon to strive to achieve is given as under:

India be the homeland for worlds’ second largest and very strong Muslim Community living at, and practicing, peace and harmony with others and enhancing its potential and resources to surge ahead in contributing to make India strong, a peace loving country and a nation striving to establish truth and justice on its own people and standing for the same cause in the global community of nations.

For the vision to be a reality, CCI plans to coordinate the efforts of Indian Muslim NGOs to achieve the following common minimum objectives which the partners NGOs have agreed to work for.

1. Total literacy by 2030 particularly in target districts. This is achievable by mobilizing the Imams to use Mosques for making the youngsters literate, encouraging the Muslim literate women to make use of their potentials by opening up home-based schools and mobilizing parents to send their children for the purpose of basic education.

2. Mobilizing the daily earners, woman and poverty ridden Muslims in the target districts to form Self Help Groups (SHG) and taste the prosperity so earned.

3. Introduce Community Counseling Centres to settle the disputes among Muslims and make them popular among Muslim women in particular. This will help a great deal in restoring the social fabric of Muslim society. Mobilization of Imams and Ulema for serving to this need will also be made use of.

4. Mobilize and organize health caravan for popularizing in the masses the idea of good health and making them aware of the needs and significance of health care, and helping them to make use of government health schemes and facilities available. In a period of time few diseases which are common in the local people will be made special target for eradication.

5. Introduce in the masses such cultural and sport activities which develop healthy and competitive spirit and make use of government facilities available for this purpose.

Partner NGOs of CCI, apart from concentrating on executing their own programs will incorporate and implement all or any of the above objective in their agenda, develop resources and other necessary requirements needed for the purpose.

The Network will thus help implement a programme on an all India basis and particularly in the districts which are more supportive to the objective and programme of CCI.

The twenty five year target for every area finalized in a grand meeting of CCI, will be yearwise distributed so as to enable CCI to assess the achievements and provide support to the partner NGOs, if found wanting.

Regional Offices

1. CCI National Coordinators’ Office
1st Floor, Vazir Building,
179, I. R. Road,
MUMBAI – 400 003

2. CCI National Co-Coordinators’ Office
C/o Darul Fikr,
Kokan Villa, Iqra Colony,
New Sir Sayed Nagar,
Aligarh – 202 002

3. CCI Maharashtra State Office,
1013/2 Nanapeth
Pune - 411 002

4. CCI Karnataka State Office,
R-3, First Cross, Mansagangotri
Mysore – 570006

5. CCI West Bengal State Office,
25 Bright Street
Kolkatta – 700 017

6. CCI Rajasthan State Office,
1/112, Vanvihar, Idgah, Delhi Bypass,
Jaipur – 302002

7. CCI U.P. State Office,
448/6/2-K, Baraf Khana, Zahra Colony,
Thakur Ganj, Lucknow

8. CCI Registered Office,
E14, Abul Fazl Enclave-I
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi – 110025

9. CCI Jharkhand State Office,
2K/3, Birhatu Housing Colony,
Ranchi 834009

10.CCI Bihar State Office,
Malik Tola
Banka, Bihar


Al-Qura'n Kareem

Hadith Mohammed SAW





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