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The Greatest Challenge of running an NGO’s today is funding. Financial Stability alone can take forward the plans of on NGO who are into a noble cause supporting the deprived in the areas of Education, Healthcare, and Microfinance Etc.


NGO Fundraisers was started with the sole objective of helping the deserving NGO‘s / Organizations in achieving their objective. The Details about the Promoter / Organization can be viewed in the Website:


We have organized a workshop on 21st November 2009 in Bangalore titled “Fund Raising through Local Resources”.  The detailed Schedule is enclosed herewith for your kind reference.


The Workshop will highlight the unexplored areas of raising funds with /without government and Agencies support. Case studies of success stories will be shared with the participants.


We request all stakeholders to use this opportunity fully and benefit from the programme.


Please revert to us for any further clarification / queries; we will only be pleased to assist you.


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Team NGO Fundraisers





Programme Schedule on 21.11.2009





  9.00 A.M  - 9.30 A.M

Introduction of Trainer & Participants

  9.30.A.M – 10.30 A.M

Case Study - Real Success Story

10.30 A.M – 10.45 A.M


10.45.A.M – 12.45 P.M

Case Study – Continued

12.45 P.M – 1.30 P.M


1.30 P.M – 2.30 P.M

Fund Raising from Individual Donors

2.30 P.M – 3.30 P.M

Fund Raising from Corporate

3.30 P.M – 3.45 P.M


3.45 P.M – 4.30 P.M

Funding Agencies – Policies & Procedure

4.30 P.M – 5.30 P.M

NGO Fundraisers – Support Services

5.30 P.M – 6.00 P.M

Question & Answer Session



Lunch, Tea, Snacks will be provided to the participants

Training Material will be provided



Who all can attend?


NGO’s President, Secretary, Members, Fund Raising Managers etc.



Resource Person: Mr. V. Sridhar – M D – NGO Fund Raisers, Bangalore.


A Marketing Professional with 10 Years of Experience in NGO Fund Raising and 18 Years of Experience in the Corporate World at senior Levels.. He has conducted more than 20 Workshops on fund Raising across the country and which has benefited more than 500 NGO’s. He is widely known for his innovative thinking and has a proven track record of his Performance.


Objective of the Session:


To understand the different fund raising models and to implement innovative ideas.

To self sustain themselves .



A detailed note on the Workshop is as below


Detailed Schedule and objective of the Workshop




Session Goals


Participants will explore strategies for diversifying their funding base. By the end of the workshop, they should:

• Know how to develop a long-range fundraising plan

• Have begun to develop a plan for a fundraising event or annual campaign

• Understand the importance of consistently marketing their program

• Have begun to write a “Case statement” that can be adapted for each of their fundraising efforts


The Basics


1. Diversify your funding base. It is the single most important strategy for ensuring the stability of your organization.

2. Develop a comprehensive fundraising plan. Then phase in new fund raising efforts gradually, so you are not always operating in a crisis mode.

3. Create visibility for your program: market it consistently. When you approach potential donors, you will be at an advantage if they already have a positive awareness of your program.




Jumpstarting Your Program




Marketing and Fundraising




1. Diversifying Your Funding Sources (20 minutes)


Participants identify the extent to which their current funding base is diversified.


2. Developing a Long-Range Fundraising Plan (20 minutes)


Participants explore key elements of developing a more diverse funding base.



3. Attracting Individual Donors (35 minutes with real success stories)


Small groups develop plans for a fundraising event or an annual campaign.



4. Creating Visibility (10 minutes)


Participants generate ideas for marketing their programs.


5. Writing a Case Statement (30 minutes)


Small groups identify key “selling points” of their programs.


6. Now What? (5 minutes)

Participants revisit the goals of this session.

Connections to Other Training Sessions

Some of the information and strategies referred to in this session are covered more fully in these trainings:

• “Targeted Mentor Recruiting”

• “Forming and Maintaining Partnerships”

• “Measuring Outcomes”

If members of your training group have already attended any of those sessions, you may want to draw on information they have learned there. If they have not yet attended those sessions, you will want to, where appropriate, encourage them to attend in order to reinforce

and add to the information that is covered during this training on “Marketing and Fundraising.”


Course Fee:

Rs 4,000 per Participant
By Cheque / DD to be drawn on NGOFundraisers Bangalore


For Registrations before 10.11.2009 - 20 % off Early Bird Incentive will be offered

For Multiple Registrations from the same NGO, 25 % off on the second Participant.

Venue: Bangalore – The Auditorium details will be sent to you by 12.11.2009


For Registrations


Contact: Mr.Krishnan – 95000 – 34222 (Chennai)


NGO Fundraisers

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