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Apr 18 09
Three Day Workshop


  Mar 03 2009  
  India: Ulama want Cong-NCP to field at least five Muslims  
  28 October 2008  
  Muslim NGO expands scholarships and aid mission for ‘bakwits’  
  April 05 2009  
  Solidarity builds road to oppose privatization of transport policy  
  April 18 2009  
  15-yr-old Sahil Khan writes his third book on computer science  
  April 17 2009  
  Indian Muslims should spread Islam by their exemplary characters: Maulan Hasheem Usmani  
  April 18 2009  
  All India Muslim Forum supports Ulema Council LS candidate in Lucknow  


New- Ministry of Environment & Forest "Environment Awareness Campaign"


New- Sir Dorabji Tata Trust Funds for Health Projects


New- Sir Dorabji Tata Trust Funds for Education


Funding Opportunity: EOI From Ministry of Health & Family Welfare


INET Research Grant Program Guidelines


Japan Water Forum Fund


Workshop on Fund Raising - 21/11/2009


Mobilising Funds for NGOs:

Issues, Opportunities and Measures 

q       Golden Rules

o      Faith

o      Intention: Goal, Planning, Proper Use

o      Legality: Registration:

§        Formation

§        Income Tax

§        Foreign Contribution

§        Membership

§        ISO Registration

§        Accreditation

o      Universality:

§        Universal Benevolent Community

§        Beneficiaries, Donors, Workers

o      Transparency:

§        Records

§        System

§        Audit

§        Reimbursement to Core People

o      Professionalism: Quality, Management, Advice, Documentation

o      Creativity

q       Issues

o      Corruption:

§        Government Machinery: Officials, Public Representatives

§        Welfare Mafia: Personalisation, Misuse of Public Funds, Social Auditor’s Experience

§        Multi-Tier Verification System

o      Imbalanced Expenditure

o      Monopolistic Tendency of Overseas Contribution:

§        IDB

§        Kuwait

§        Christian Funds

o      Discrimination

o      Lack of Volunteers

o      Lack of Information

o      Lack of Coordination

q       Opportunities

o      Sources:

§        Core Contribution

§        Public Donation

§        Zakat, Sadqat and Charm-e-Qurbani

§        Non-Governmental Agencies: Foundations of Business Groups, Agha Khan Foundation, Bill Gate Foundation, Microsoft, Clinton Foundation, Action Aid, Oxfam, CIDA, etc.

§        Governmental Agencies

·        Priorities: Education, Rural Development, AIDS, Micro-Credit, Welfare of Weaker Sections, etc.

·        General Schemes: Literacy, KGBV, Poly Techniques, Food Processing, Textiles, Protection of Environment, etc.

·        Schemes for Minorities: Ministry of Minority Affairs, Maulana Azad Education Foundation, National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, Central Waqf Council, National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation, Minorities Commissions,

·        Liaisoning: Information, Orientation and Organisation

§        Overseas Contribution:

·        Donations: NRIs, Business Communities of Muslim and Other Countries

·        Grants: IDB, Muslim Aid, IIRO, IMRC, AFMI, etc

·        International Agencies: UNICEF, WHO, ILO, WB, Embassies, etc.

§        Charges: Fee and Services

§        Study Centres and Professional Courses

§        Sales: Land Products, Books,

§        Investment: Shares, Mutual Funds, Property, Publications,

§        Waqf and Endowments

§        Promotional Income: Welcome Selected Advertiser, CDs of School Functions, Souvenirs, etc.

§        Saving is Earning

q       Means and Measures

o       Goodwill:

§         Work

§         Patrons

§         Advertisement: Occasional Posters, Public Utility Displays, Cable, ads, etc.

§         Media: Contacts, News of Events, ads

o      Contacts:

§         Outreaching: Non-residents, Beneficiaries

§         Authorities

§         Potential Donors/Grantors

§         Publications: Brochures, Reports, CDs, Websites, Films, etc.

o      Removing Shortcomings

o      Training: Professional Proficiency, Management, Courses, Computer, Internet, Training Organisations, Workshops,

o      Lobbying: Express Yourselves, Grievances, Federate, Be Active

Al-Qura'n Kareem

Hadith Mohammed SAW





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