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Apr 18 09
Three Day Workshop


  Mar 03 2009  
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  28 October 2008  
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  April 18 2009  
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  April 17 2009  
  Indian Muslims should spread Islam by their exemplary characters: Maulan Hasheem Usmani  
  April 18 2009  
  All India Muslim Forum supports Ulema Council LS candidate in Lucknow  


Gates Foundation's Grand Challenges Explorations in Global Health
Proposals Invited

Deadline: 19 May 2010

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges Explorations in Global Health (Round 5), “launched in 2003 to accelerate the discovery of new technologies to improve global health,” is currently seeking applications of innovative ideas that could lead to new vaccines, diagnostics, drugs, and other technologies targeting diseases that claim millions of lives.

The Grand Challenges Explorations seeks only a short two-page application processed in a rapid 4-months time and the selected projects receive initial grants of $100,000 (Phase I) and further a follow-on grant of $1,000,000 (Phase II). Following are the tips for submitting the application:

•“Your proposal must represent an innovative approach that is responsive to the topic. The foundation has a number of other avenues of funding for the equally important research that is within currently accepted paradigms. Such work will not be funded under Grand Challenges Explorations.
•Applications are sent to reviewers without personal or organizational information. Do not include this in the body of your proposal. Proposal that include personal or organization information in the body of the proposal are at risk of being automatically removed from the review.
•Your proposal will be reviewed by a panel with broad expertise and a track record in identifying innovations – these reviewers may not be deep domain experts in your field. You must describe your idea in clear language without the use of jargon unique to your field.
•The work proposed in your application must include a clear set of key experiments or activities that test your idea in a way that could provide sufficient evidence to motivate Phase II funding. Proposals with vague descriptions or vague testing methodologies will not be funded.”
Eligibility Criteria

“Grand Challenges Explorations is open to both foreign and domestic non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, international organizations, government agencies and academic institutions. Grants will not be provided to individuals.”

Proposals can be submitted to the Round 5 by 19 May 2010.

For more information and for registering as applicant and submission of the application, visit this link.


Al-Qura'n Kareem

Hadith Mohammed SAW





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