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Apr 18 09
Three Day Workshop


  Mar 03 2009  
  India: Ulama want Cong-NCP to field at least five Muslims  
  28 October 2008  
  Muslim NGO expands scholarships and aid mission for ‘bakwits’  
  April 05 2009  
  Solidarity builds road to oppose privatization of transport policy  
  April 18 2009  
  15-yr-old Sahil Khan writes his third book on computer science  
  April 17 2009  
  Indian Muslims should spread Islam by their exemplary characters: Maulan Hasheem Usmani  
  April 18 2009  
  All India Muslim Forum supports Ulema Council LS candidate in Lucknow  


Fellowship Opportunity for NGO Leaders


Senior Fellows Network
The Senior Fellows Network is comprised of distinguished international civil society leaders committed to collaborative efforts that address the underlying causes of poverty and inequity.

Launched in 1999, the Senior Fellows program links extraordinary civil society leaders in a worldwide learning, service and action network. The network aims to strengthen the capacity and opportunities for these leaders to be catalysts and play a major role in partnerships that address the systemic causes of poverty and promote sustainable social change.

2009 Global Senior Fellows meeting in New York City.Through the three-year fellowship, Fellows have the opportunity to enhance their skills, knowledge, and experience through peer-to-peer learning, annual and regional meetings, learning journeys, workshops, and contact with eminent persons. They exchange innovative ideas, models, and tools in the development field, which Synergos distributes to a wider audience. The Fellows also have opportunities to connect and collaborate with other distinguished change makers in the development field aligned with Synergos, including philanthropists and foundations, non-governmental organizations, businesses, governments, global institutions and academics.

The Senior Fellows program is administered in partnership with The Synergos Institute Cananda and is made possible in part thanks to support from Kim Samuel-Johnson.

Who Are the Senior Fellows?

Being a Synergos Fellow has broadened my vision about the possibilities to re-focus my work to promote social justice. Each Fellow is a source of inspiration and support, and I feel privileged to be a part of such a group. Lucia Dellagnelo, Founding President, Instituto Comunitario Grande Florianopolis, Brazil Synergos Senior Fellows are leaders of some of the world’s most successful and innovative development, philanthropic, and social justice organizations representing or serving poor and marginalized populations. They come to the program with a history of demonstrated achievement and reputation for innovation and effectiveness. Fellows have demonstrated a commitment to working collaboratively across sectors and divides to have an impact in the communities they seek to strengthen. Senior Fellows seek to have a systemic impact. They investigate, analyze, and address the underlying reasons why poverty, inequity and social injustice persist.

Senior Fellows believe that they have something to learn and something to teach their peers, and are open to mentoring and being mentored by their peers.

Fellows possess a style of leadership that focuses on creating and sustaining effective working relationships among key partners and stakeholders. They understand that by “bridging”different perspectives and opinions often found across the breadth of different stakeholders, better interventions can be designed, implemented and sustained. Fellows appreciate that complex problems are best addressed by tapping the wisdom, resources and experience of civil society, government, business and those most directly impacted by the system being altered.

Fellows are connected to and guided by the communities they serve. They are advocates for their communities, feel accountable to them and are seen as legitimate representatives of their interests.

There are 100 Synergos Senior Fellows from more than 30 countries.

Network Activities and Benefits

The Senior Fellows Network seeks to increase individual and group effectiveness of the Fellows through peer learning and service, global networking, convening and collaboration, and knowledge creation and dissemination. As a result of these activities Fellows develop communities of practice on issues impacting poverty, share models that address poverty in systemic ways, generate inclusive partnerships, enhance their “bridging”leadership capacity and deepen their connection between personal and social transformation.

Peer Learning and Service
Senior Fellows develop knowledge, skills and institutional capacity to engage viably and substantively in multi-stakeholder partnerships that address the systemic causes of poverty and promote sustainable social change.

Fellows sharpen their leadership skills, share knowledge of models and strategies and draw upon the experience of their peers to learn new competencies to take back to their organizations.

Senior Fellows also provide strategic and technical advice to one another and, on occasion, to third party civil society organizations through peer consulting sessions, exchanges and field assignments in their area of expertise. These exchanges and assignments not only grow the capacity of others, but also expand the Fellow’s own networks and skills.

Global Networking, Convening and Collaboration
Fighting poverty involves facilitating attitude changes. We constantly search for the ways and tools to do that and that search cannot be realized without feedback. Synergos Senior Fellows are the world in its diversity and wisdom, and by blending various experiences it provides the answers we seek. I am privileged to be a part of this world. Vadim Samorodov, Program Manager, Global Fund for Community Foundations Synergos has established an active global network to enable social activists, social entrepreneurs, social investors, and key partners to exchange expertise and experience, form inter-institutional linkages, gain a deeper understanding of how they can be more effective in their work, and, where desired, collaborate. Through this process, we are creating a reliable support and exchange system that allows civil society leaders to draw upon peer assistance over the long term. Fellows also gain international exposure, perspectives, and camaraderie.

Synergos also connects Fellows to far-reaching networks, including the Global Philanthropists Circle.

Our networking and convening activities include annual global meetings, regional and issue meetings, retreats, speaking engagements and access to our online network and resources.

Knowledge Production and Dissemination
All papers, presentations, models, tools, and studies created by Fellows are collected, organized and disseminated. Knowledge products explore practical, theoretical and conceptual topics. Distribution is made to the Fellows’ institutions and many organizations worldwide.

Synergos covers Fellows’ expenses related to Fellowship activities for three years. The Fellowship does not include a cash stipend.

For More Information
Please contact:
Senior Fellows Program Manager
Tel +1 (212) 447-8111
Fax +1 (212) 447-8119

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(Posted on 19 July 2010)


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