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Apr 18 09
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Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) by Govt of India

Posted by: "Abdul Haleem" ppabdulhaleem@yahoo.com

Fri Mar 6, 2009 9:05 am (PST)


Scholarship for Higher Education:

Apply by March 15 Feb 15 : Applications have been invited from eligible candidates for the award of the Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE), a component of the `Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)’,  a Programme launched by the Government of India to strengthen the National Science and Technology base and being implemented by the Department of Science Technology (DST), Government of India.

The INSPIRE Programme includes three components namely Scheme for Early Attraction of Talents for Science (SEATS), Scholarships for Higher Education (SHE) and Assured Opportunity for Research Careers (AORC). The Scheme SHE is focused on attraction of talent to study of Natural/Basic Sciences at the Bachelor and Master’s level and is currently limited to support for educational programmes at BSc, BSc (Hons), MSc and Integrated Master’s level course in Sciences leading to MSc in any branch of Natural and Basic sciences namely Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Life Sciences.

A total of 10,000 scholarships are available annually under SHE starting April 2008. The scholarships are limited only to the candidates studying courses in
Natural/Basic Sciences (BSc, BSc (Hons), Integrated MSc) in any one of the recognized institutions in India.

Eligibility criterion for the scholarships are (a) performance in Board examinations within the cutoff threshold (of top 1%) for each State or Central Board examination at the Class X and Class XII level and/or (b) performance
in any of the specified competitive examinations within stipulated cut off ranks.

The eligible applicant must be already enrolled into Degree level education in Natural/Basic Sciences in any of the recognized institutions in India.

Criteria for Eligibility for SHE:

(a) Based on Performance in
Board Examinations: Applicant should have obtained aggregate marks in the top 1% in the Board examination at both class X and XII levels. For example, the candidates applying for the award in 2008 should have secured marks within the top 1% in class X in the year 2005 and class XII in 2007 in the respective Board examinations and joined a Degree course leading to BSc or BSc (Hons) of Integrated MSc in Natural/Basic Sciences in any institution in India and returned to study of second year in the academic year 2008-09.
Cut-off marks for various Board examinations conduced in the year 2005 and 2007 are as follows:

(Name of the Boards, Cut off marks in Class X for 2005 and Class XII for 2007 in that order)

1. Andhra Pradesh  537  970
2. Assam                 534  402
3. Bihar                  508  570
4. Chhattisgarh      487  442
5. Goa                    634  618
6. Gujarat               593  597
7. Haryana             481  424
8. Himachal           623  401
9. J & K                  429 553
10. Jharkhand       372  329
11. Karnataka        562  494
12. Kerala             450  540
13. MP                  413  377
14. Maharashtra   687  513
15. Manipur         452  373
16. Meghalaya    454  393
17. Mizoram        436  370
18. Nagaland       424  374
19. Orissa            610  656
20. Punjab          495  384
21. Rajasthan      481  506
22. Tamil Nadu   454  1119
23. Tripura          560  371
24. UP                 426  368
25. Uttarakhand   430  396
26. West Bengal   668  548
27. CBSE              517  456
28. ICSE               471  383

(b) Based on Performance in National Level Competitive Examinations: Those who have come within the top 10,000 ranks in Joint Entrance Examination of IIT, AIEEE and CBSE- Medical, all Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna (KVPY) Fellows, National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) Scholars, Olympiad Medalists, Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search (JBNSTS) Fellows who have joined Degree level courses in Natural/Basic Sciences in any recognized Indian institution are eligible. The scheme does not include courses in Engineering, Medicine, Technology and other Professional courses.

(iii) Based on Performance in Competitive Examinations:

Those clearing the National Level Competitive Examinations for admission to 5 years Integrated MSc Programs in Basic & Natural Sciences at all Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), all Indian Institute of Science Educations & Research (IISERs), National Institute of Science Education & Research (NISER), Department of Atomic Energy-Centre for Basic Science (DAE-CBS), any other National level test conducted by any University or Academic Institute for admission to Under-Graduate or Integrated M.Sc Programme in Natural Sciences and Basic Sciences and securing admission and joining the courses in Natural & Basic Sciences from the academic year 2008-09 are eligible.

An eligible candidate will receive scholarship having a total value Rs 80,000, per annum. The cash value payable to SHE scholarship holder is Rs 60,000 per annum. All SHE scholars have to undertake Summer time attachment to an active researcher in recognized research centers in the country for which, summer time attachment fee of Rs 20,000 will be paid to the mentoring institution for undertaking summer time project.

Selected candidates will be supported for a maximum period of five years starting from the 1st year course in BSc, BSc (Hons) and Integrated course leading to MSc or the completion of the course, which ever is earlier. Continuation of the scholarship for selected candidates is based on satisfactory performance in the examinations conducted and certified by the institution imarting education.

Those interested based on Board examination based eligibility or as per competitive examination based eligibility must apply in the prescribed format which is available at www.inspire-dst.gov.in (This link is not available when this is hosted at 4.30 pm on 15.2.2009), along with attested copy of (i) Mark sheets of Class X and Class XII and (ii) Certificate from Principal of the College/ Director or Registrar of the Institute or University where the applicant is presently enrolled.

Completed applications should reach ‘Director, National Institute of Science, Technology & Development Studies (NISTADS), Dr K S Krishnan Marg , New Delhi-110012’ by Ordinary Post only, on or before 15th March 2009, with the envelope super scribed ‘Application for Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE)

Applications can be submitted online at www.inspire-dst.gov.in. (This link is not available when this is hosted at 4.30 pm on 15.2.2009). The online applicants should also submit a hardcopy of the application with all attested documents.

pdf  also gives details of the scheme.


Al-Qura'n Kareem

Hadith Mohammed SAW





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