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Apr 18 09
Three Day Workshop


  Mar 03 2009  
  India: Ulama want Cong-NCP to field at least five Muslims  
  28 October 2008  
  Muslim NGO expands scholarships and aid mission for ‘bakwits’  
  April 05 2009  
  Solidarity builds road to oppose privatization of transport policy  
  April 18 2009  
  15-yr-old Sahil Khan writes his third book on computer science  
  April 17 2009  
  Indian Muslims should spread Islam by their exemplary characters: Maulan Hasheem Usmani  
  April 18 2009  
  All India Muslim Forum supports Ulema Council LS candidate in Lucknow  


Sir Dorabji Tata Trust Provides Financial Assistance


The Sir Dorabji Tata Trust provides financial assistance under four categories:
NGOs or Voluntary Organizations
Small Grants
Individual Grants
The Trust has established in its first 50 years, pioneering institutions that have all grown to be of national importance. The Trust continues to support and nurture these institutions in myriad ways using an internal appraisal process.
NGOs or Voluntary Organizations
Thoughtful and committed programs initiated by organizations in priority areas are considered for financial support. The Trust draws on the expertise of its staff and specialist consultants who travel widely, study project proposals and keep abreast of developments in each of the sectors. They assess proposals; make recommendations to project holders and after sanction of grants monitor and evaluate the programs.

While no specific format is prescribed, applications should preferably include:
» A description of the proposed project with clearly articulated objectives, plans/programs or activities, and mechanisms for impact assessment.
» A profile of the project holder (qualifications, achievements, experience) and a brief background of the core team.
» Registration Certificates of the organization and Income-tax Exemption Certificates.
» The financial audited statements of the last three years and Annual Reports.
Small Grants
This is a flexible scheme where a registered organization may request financial support. Limited grants are available for a wide variety of philanthropic activities. Each appeal is examined on its own merit.

The criteria for qualifying for such grants would be:
» The organization must have been in existence at least for one financial year.
» It should work in a thematic area supported by the Trust.
» Organizations in rural areas would be preferred.
» The total expenditure of the organization should not have exceeded Rs 2.00 million in the last financial year.
» The organization should not employ more than 20 individuals.
Large organizations would also be eligible to apply for a grant towards specific projects namely:
» Strategic planning and/or evaluation exercises.
» Focused research activities.
» Mainstreaming of innovations.
» Setting up or strengthening of internal systems.
» Project planning and appraisal.
Individual Grants
Individuals are provided medical, educational and travel grants. Patients unable to bear the financial burden of major surgeries or the cost of hospitalization are assisted through individual medical grants. A program officer conducts a detailed study including visits to the hospital, for processing the request. 

Modest educational grants are provided to deserving students through general scholarships and special merit scholarships. Forms for these can be obtained from the officer-in-charge of Education and Travel Grants. Modest grants are given for international travel for purposes such as higher studies abroad, conducting research and participating in conferences or sports meets and other such purposes.


(Note: We develop project reports & project proposals also)

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(Posted on 21 Apr 2011)


Al-Qura'n Kareem

Hadith Mohammed SAW





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