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Apr 18 09
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UPSC Result: Mixed Outcome for Muslims
Shah Faesal tops but number of selections come down


A Kashmiri aspirant Shah Faesal, a doctor by training, has topped the list of 875 candidates who have cleared the Civil Services Exam held in 2009-2010. Prakash Rajpurohit, a BTech from the II T Delhi, has bagged the second position while Ms. Iva Sahay from the JNU has secured the third position who is also the topper among women candidates. A total of 680 male and 195 female candidates have been recommended for appointment to the prized Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service and other central services. A total of 30 physically challenged candidates passed the test.

This year, only 21 Muslim candidates could make through this prestigious competitive exams. That is merely 2.4% of 875. It means even handicaps are better placed than Muslims. Number of female candidates is more than ten times than Muslims. In the previous year, 30 Muslim candidates got through out of 791 successful comprising 3.79% of the overall candidates. This shows a dismal outcome of the UPSC results for the community for the current year. Had the recommendations of Justice Rangnath Mishra Commission got approved, this number would have gone at least up to 87 candidates, i.e. four times what is hauled.

The number of vacancies reported by the Government for the Indian Administrative Service is 131 (66 General, 38 Other Backward Classes, 18 Scheduled Castes and 09 Scheduled Tribes); for the Indian Foreign Service is 30 (15 General, 10 Other Backward Classes, 01 Scheduled Castes and 04 Scheduled Tribe); for the Indian Police Service is 150 (77 General, 39 Other Backward Classes, 21 Scheduled Castes and 13 Scheduled Tribes); for the Central Services Group ‘A' is 582 (298 General, 159 Other Backward Classes, 81 Scheduled Castes and 44 Scheduled Tribes) and for Central Services Group ‘B' is 96 (57 General, 27 Other Backward Classes, 06 Scheduled Castes and 06 Scheduled Tribes). This includes 30 vacancies for Physically Challenged candidates.

List of successful Muslim candidates and their position in the merit list is as under:

Correct List of Successful Muslim Candidates of the Recent UPSC Exam


1. Shah Faisal, Rank 1 
2. Mohammed Y Safirullah, Rank 55 
3. Mohammed Shahid Alam, Rank 74
4. Yunus, Rank 80
5. Ahmed Iqbal, Rank 118
6. Rayees Mohammed Bhat, Rank 124 
7. Md Siddique Alam, Rank 135
8. Abid Khan, Rank 144
9. Abu Imran, Rank 209
10  Ashiquzzaman, 249
11. Showkat Ahmed Parray, Rank 256
12. Tamanna Alam, Rank 288
13. Sohail M Shafi, Rank 325
14 Mohammed Yusuf Qureshi, Rank 331
15. Mir Umair Nabi, Rank 368
16. Danish Ashraf, Rank 409
17. Ahmad Qureshi, Rank 451
18. Rizvi Sarah Afzal Ahmed, Rank 556
19. Ahmed Muyeen Farooqi, Rank 569
20.  Kashif Hafeez, Rank 610 
21. Rizwan Ahmed, Rank 741


Abdul Rashid Agwan

Read this article on www.merinews.com by clicking here


Al-Qura'n Kareem

Hadith Mohammed SAW





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